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Premium Foot File 2-in-1 Callus Remover for Feet with Dead Skin Storage

Premium Foot File 2-in-1 Callus Remover for Feet with Dead Skin Storage

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    • Say Goodbye to Calluses: Restore the smoothness of your heels and wear your favorite shoes with confidence with the ZMOI 2-IN-1 foot file heel scrubber for cracked heels! This feet scrubber file is easy to use, reliable and effective in removing dead skin cells and calluses, leaving your skin smooth and soft.
    • Double-Sided Foot File: The ZMOI heel scraper for feet features a double-sided design, one side having a micro sharp blade to remove thick, hard skin and the other side with a textured fine blade to smooth out the skin and rough edges.
    • Innovative Dead Skin Storage: What makes the foot shaver callus remover truly practical and mess-free is the built-in dead skin storage compartment that catches all the residues and dead skin. Simply remove the panel, wash the file and you are ready to go!
    • Easy and Effective Callus Remover: This foot scraper for callus removal has an ergonomic, non-slip handle for firm grip and easy handling from any angle, and sharp blades that can remove dead skin, hard and thick skin, tough calluses, crust calluses and improve the appearance of dry, cracked heels.
    • High-Quality Materials: Our foot scrubber dead skin remover is designed with high-quality stainless steel blades that are corrosion-proof, durable and safe to use on your skin. The material is also rust-proof, waterproof and long-lasting, so you can enjoy smooth heels for years to come.


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